Today we live in a networked society. An increasingly emphatic appeal is being made on everyone’s leadership, regardless of their role. Professional leaders increasingly find that today’s problems require fundamentally different approaches and solutions. This also requires different ways of working together, of conducting a dialogue with internal and external stakeholders, and taking on challenges together. Challenges that are more complex and demand more perseverance, agility and resilience. The Bright Connection challenges people to let go of old assumptions and working methods and dare to experiment, in order to learn and grow together at a greater pace. We make use of the most recent research around Neuroscience.

We believe that in 2017 leadership asks for continuously checking with yourself and your surroundings, what role you wish to fulfil and how you want to contribute, now and in the future. The Bright Connection shows you how you can keep an open mind and respond with flexibility and pro-actively in changing contexts. So you can better connect and lead, based on your personal strengths and ambitions, to the ambitions of the organization.


In our view, sharing and making good use of each other’s talents, experiences and individual passions is becoming increasingly important for the success of teams and organizations. We believe in the strength of teams, in challenging each other, inciting and inspiring to bring out the best in yourself and each other. Working from a clear vision and strategy and shared ambitions.

For this reason we are convinced that developing a high performance team starts with getting to know, respect and accept each other as team members. Understanding people’s motives and intentions, their preferences and strengths: understanding yourself and others, and where does my own and the other’s strength lie?), providing a basis for shaping and fleshing out a shared vision, strategy and ambitions together (strategy days and action planning).

Once you really know each other better and agree on a common goal and strategic priorities, everybody’s role and contribution in the team can be defined even sharper. This provides the basis for determining what this specifically means for the way of collaborating, making arrangements, and actually ‘working’ on wider collaboration in this team and with other teams.

“I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with Erik at multiple occasions over the past years, including several successful workshops for my teams at Microsoft and Salesforce. ”

Michel Annink
Global Business Leader


In view of the rapidly changing context in which organizations operate, a world that is undergoing continuous change, and the complexity and uncertainty this entails, it is advisable to regularly adjust and refocus the strategy. The ability to quickly switch between tasks, work together in different networks and resilience are ever more important to keep adding value in this dynamic world.

Continued growth and change require a strong link between strategic thinking and action. Connecting the strategy and the ambitions to consequences, and what realising these ambitions means for your positioning, leadership and the structure of your organization. We offer interventions that connect and accelerate. Be it strategy days, off-site days, or acting as interim manager, we always bring focus and clarity, getting people out of their fixed patterns, always bringing energy. Aimed at greater commitment and using the potential already present in the organization.

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