High Performance Team

This team process is built up carefully, based on the team development phases (forming, storming, norming, performing) and the specific dynamics typically occurring in teams.

The tailored programme is designed to support management teams in their continued growth towards a high performance team. Through a well-balanced set of interventions we can really accelerate improvements in the team collaboration and help the team take on (strategic) ambitions more effectively together.

The emphasis is on ‘action-learning’, whereby the development of the team and team members is immediately linked to concrete challenges, which the team encounters in daily practice.


  • Accelerate the collaboration
  • Take on challenges more effectively
  • Develop innovative approaches


  • ISS Facility Services
  • Microsoft NL
  • GGzE
  • Plus Retail
  • ABN AMRO Lease

Mode of operation

We take the time and space to leave the day-to-day bustle behind and engage in a conversation about things that really matter. In this way, together we find new ways of collaborating, new views and innovative approaches that really make a difference.

In short, working together to form a high performance team with a good balance between managing the present, creating the future and nurturing identity.

This nine-month team programme comprises a number of workshops, in-depth assignments, virtual coaching calls and action plans.

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