Improving collaboration and communication

We believe that successful collaboration within and between teams starts with insight into and understanding each other’s ‘realities’. Insight into patterns and ways of thinking and acting that often have become habitual and must be broken.

We offer an environment and interventions that stimulate real conversations with each other, to view oneself and others with an open mind, to discuss relevant themes in a constructive way and arrive at different, more pleasant and more effective ways of collaboration. Based on a shared concept, shared ambitions and understanding one another’s preferred styles and the values and motives of you and your team members. And from there learn to break the patterns of interaction, thinking and acting, and respecting that people bring different values to work and life. And learn to engage in a dialogue about this with each other. In that way, you can use these differences, this diversity of values and preferred styles, to your advantage, making your team’s collaboration and performance better and more pleasant.


  • Changed composition of teams
  • Teams experiencing difficulties
  • Merging teams
  • Changed team assignment


  • PLUS Retail
  • Ahold
  • Municipality of The Hague
  • GGzE
  • Triodos Bank
  • Nuffic
  • DTG
  • ISS Facility Services


In this context we often use MBTI┬«, a widely-used personality test instrument for organizations and teams. With MBTI┬« teams can use the MBTI language and insights for a better insight in oneself and others, making smarter and more effective use of each other’s (leadership) preferences and qualities with respect to important issues and challenges.

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