Leadership Coaching

In our leadership coaching we help leaders in their development from ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ in the context of a rapidly changing and complex world. We always offer tailored solutions aimed at a breakthrough towards a more effective and pleasant style of leadership, a sharper focus, new insights, different approaches and a healthy work/life balance.

This individual collaboration programme, which an average takes 6 months, is aimed at strengthening existing qualities, breaking with and changing habits, attitudes and mindsets, benefiting both the manager and the organization. The coach explores and investigates together with the manager where real challenges and different approaches are desired, and what the underlying patterns and obstacles are. The coach stimulates, invites and confronts where necessary to arrive at new insights and approaches that really work.

Proposition for Leadership Coaching

  • Increased job/role complexity
  • Breaking with recurring patterns
  • Develop leadership repertoire
  • Independent sparring partner


  • De Lage Landen (Rabo Group)
  • GGzE
  • Moooi
  • Microsoft NL
  • Plus Retail
  • ISS Facility Services

Target group

Manager, senior managers and high potentials who:

  • Were successful in their previous role, but now find the scope and complexity of their current position challenging
  • Want to work on honing their interpersonal skills/EQ
  • Have trouble clearly communicating their vision and strategy and win their organization/team over
  • Get stuck in similar patterns and wish to break away from them
  • Seek to improve their collaboration with (external) stakeholders


  • An exploratory and free-of-charge introductory session to find out if there is a right fit
  • Conducting a personal and/or online inventory to determine the natural strengths and points for development, using such instruments as Neurocolor, MBTI Step 2, FIRO B.
  • Monthly coaching meetings aimed at arriving at new insights and approaches to experiment with in work situations
  • Interim reflection on experiences and opportunity to have contact by telephone and online
  • A personal action plan to monitor insights and approaches
  • Access to other instruments and literature

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