Learning Circles

The further we progress in our leadership development, the more often we are confronted with challenges and problems of a complex nature that don’t have right or wrong answers. Leadership author Ronald Heifetz calls these challenges ‘adaptive’ issues in contrast to technical issues. In order to solve such issues, we may learn from our own and other people’s experiences, and Action Learning is one of the ways of achieving this.

Learning to understand what assumptions our actions are based on, and which mental models and convictions we possess and apply.  By intensively questioning each other and sharing experiences you, as a leader, become more aware of your own patterns of thinking, assumptions and convictions, which may be obstructive in taking on (complex) challenges. This creates room to arrive at different insights and approaches for experimenting.


  • Leadership programmes
  • Culture change
  • Activity-based working


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Target group

Senior leaders and managers who, together with peers, wish to obtain in a safe environment of equals innovative insights and approaches to challenges they encounter in their work. You become aware of your own assumptions and patterns of thinking, and reflect with peers on complex challenges. You also hone your coaching and dialogue skills further, thus broadening your leadership repertoire.


Adults in professional organizations learn best by reflecting on concrete practical situations and working together. We use the Action Learning concept, whereby concrete experiences provide the basis for mastering new insights and experimenting with them.

The programme takes six months, during which you work intensely with a group of five or six managers and leaders. The procedure includes four one-day face-to-face workshops.  Between every workshop there is a period of about five weeks, during which you apply the lessons learned in practice and coach each other.

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