Leadership and Neuroscience

In view of the significantly and rapidly changing context in which teams and organizations operate, networked and aligned teams that strengthen each other are becoming increasingly important. Understanding yourself and others helps to strengthen your ability to guide individuals and teams to realise their shared ambitions.

NeuroColor uses neuroscience to measure how we naturally think, communicate, work, and lead. It is the only assessment based in biological research and validated by both fMRI scans and statistical methods. NeuroColor provides a unique “personality signature” by measuring how strongly we express innate personality traits across four broad brain systems.



  • Talent Development
  • In-company Leadership Development
  • (Re)start teams and/or communities


  • Microsoft
  • EIT Raw Materials
  • ABN AMRO Lease
  • ISS Facility Services
  • Rotterdam Port Promotion Council

Target group

Teams at all levels recognizing the importance of a collectively operating team where members strengthen each other. Teams that want to speed up the transition from solo-driven leadership to collectively-driven leadership Where everybody takes and actively advocates responsibility to realise shared ambitions of the organization and team.

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