Professional path-finding

This path is intended for people who are ready for a next step in their career. What do I really want? Do I want to continue in the direction I have taken? Which of my currently unused talents and qualities are begging to be used? What really drives me in my work? What stops me from taking my desires seriously?


For you?

This path-finding is intended for anyone who is willing to take a good look at oneself and then follow his or her own path in work and life, with greater passion, fun and vitality.  After completing the path-finding you’ll have a clear perspective and a plan of action to work on with fresh motivation.


Themes and topics addressed in the path-finding programme

  • The career up to now and choices made consciously and unconsciously
  • Life story and analysis of life themes
  • Insight into motives, values and qualities (with 360° feedback) that should play a (more) guiding role.
  • Awareness patterns and convictions that are no longer effective and how to adjust them.
  • Insight into preferred type with MBTI® and translation to own career
  • Purpose-oriented and in-depth customized assignments
  • Translate insights into concrete and suitable actions
  • Draft and discuss career plan and/or plan of action

Method and resources

The total programme, from the intake down to the action plan discussion, takes approximately three months. For an optimal personal path-finding process, please allow for one or two half-day sessions a week. After each meeting the candidate is given approximately three weeks time to work out the customized assignments that increase personal insight and the ability to effectively clarify a new perspective.

Ample attention will be given to working biographically, breaking away from (behavioural) patterns that are no longer effective, and deploying qualities and preferences more effectively. During the meetings the candidate’s assignment materials are used and different work forms are applied that aid the professional path-finding and development.
On average each meeting takes 1.5 – 2 hours maximum.

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