Strategy days and action planning

Assisting and leading strategy days with the aim of collectively determining the team’s strategic priorities and ambitions and everybody’s individual contribution to this. Giving team members the time and space to think about this collectively, to discuss this, to influence the definition of the strategic priorities and what this all means in their daily work.  Being able to communicate this in a clear and convincing manner both within and outside the team.

Based on an existing or new strategy, making a concrete translation at tactical level into action plans and individual contributions. Bringing clarity in individual roles, contributions and responsibilities. Presenting each other with plans and challenges.  Arriving at concrete approaches and follow-up steps.


  • Determine strategic priorities
  • Refocus shared vision and strategy
  • Merging teams/departments


  • PLUS Retail
  • Ahold
  • LTP
  • Province of Overijssel
  • AbvaKabo
  • Salesforce
  • De Haagse Hogeschool

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