Supporting transitions

We are regularly presented with strategic problems where organizations or management teams experience that the context in which they operate has changed, while their strategy has not yet been sufficiently adjusted to this. The current vision and strategy are no longer suited to the changed needs of customers and other relevant stakeholders. A transition in thinking and acting is desired, as the current business model is no longer sufficient, especially in the long term.

We facilitate the process of jointly refocusing the vision and strategy, to determine what value and meaning we want to add as an organization, who for and who with.  The focus is increasingly shifting to the value that you create and want to create, for all your stakeholders. In such transitions we give specific attention to (re-)connecting professionals and teams to the desired new situation and fleshing this out together.

In this context, early involvement of relevant stakeholders, engaging in a dialogue, networking and collaborating are becoming increasingly important. As are working together on shared strategic priorities, while maintaining a clear focus and commitment, and realising the vision and strategy.


  • Refocus and sharpen the vision and strategy
  • Reconnect teams to the desired situation
  • Flesh out strategy together
  • Transition in thinking and actions


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  • Diabetes Fonds
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“Marlies helped Diabetes Fonds to bring the organization into a new phase. This meant significant changes to the organization and the marketing approach. Thanks to her terrific energy and drive, Marlies can win over the staff in a positive way. She combines a strategic view with an eye for detail and good coaching skills, but she does not shy away from a confrontation. What is more, Marlies is a pleasure to work with!”

Hanneke Dessing
Director of Diabetes Fonds

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