Erik Mol

Erik Mol is a managing partner of the boutique management consultancy firm The Bright Connection.

His strength lies in connecting teams and leaders to realise their strategic and individual ambitions. His style is personal and result-oriented and his role alternates between creator/inspiration to facilitator/coach.

Erik believes in creating real encounters between professionals, where we slow down time before we accelerate. He has knowledge of the hard and soft side of problems. Preferably at inspiring locations and with people who really want to move forward.

Over the last 20 years Erik has worked for a broad range of international clients and industries. Erik has an Msc degree in Economics and has certifications for a broad range of psychometric instruments and methodologies.
He is also frequently works as a guest lecturer and external expert at Avans.

Specializations and certifications

  • MSc Business Economics
  • Teaching and facilitation degrees
  • NeuroColor from
  • Harthill Leadership Development Framework
  • LSI, OCI from Human Synergetics
  • MBTI and FIRO-B, TKI and Silver Alliance Partner at OPP
  • Power and Systems, Barry Oshry
  • Crucial Conversations, Vital Smarts
  • Situational Leadership II
  • The Leadership Architect, Lominger

Partners and collaboration

The Bright Connection frequently connects with other parties and professionals that can contribute to solutions for clients from different perspectives and areas of expertise. Depending on the question and the context in which our clients operate, we bring in various professionals and develop approaches and interventions that dovetail with the rapidly changing needs of our clients. We learn from and with our collaboration partners, challenge and inspire each other to really go further, and be innovative where necessary and relevant. Really in the same way that we work together with our clients.


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